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Have you ever seen someone who seems to have it all together and think to yourself “what do THEY have that I don’t? And… how can I create that in MY life?” 
In the NLP Empowered Practitioner Training you will learn how the mind truly works & what successful people do to achieve their results so that you can do it too!
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The ONLY training you'll ever need to be a coach or therapist in the top 2% of the industry!
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About The Training...
Have you ever wondered how a group of students can sit through the same classes but only a few receive high grades, or how a company can have 100 employees, all doing the same job, but some get terrible results, while most get mediocre and yet a few others get extraordinary results?
NLP answers ALL those questions and so many more!
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a study of communication — both with ourselves & with other people, as well as a study of excellence and what makes certain people successful while others fail (in the same industry, classroom or job). It is a methodology to build a mindset for success, a strategy for creating deep lasting connection in all relationships, tools for programming any mindset desired, and so much more! 

The NLP Empowered Practitioner training will uncover the deepest programming inside our minds and teach you to re-program your brain to get the most positive outcomes, repeatedly. This training will give you the best tools and techniques in the world to create rapid, ever-lasting change in behavior and results, as well as to improve your communication and create deeper connections in any relationship in your life (including the one with yourself!)

What You'll learn:

  • All about the Unconscious Mind — How it operates, how it's programmed & what it's responsible for
  • The Presuppositions of NLP — This piece alone can alter your entire view of the world!
  • ​​All about Language — And how a few simple words can radically alter your or someone else's experience & reality!
  • Communication — From how information is processed in the mind to digging up the deeper issue in a conversation
  • Rapport — How to establish it & maintain it with anybody!
  • Anchoring — A technique to change your emotional state in an instant!
  • ​Success & Goal-Setting — The most comprehensive training you'll ever take on achieving goals successfully!
  • ​Reframing — How you can see, or help someone else to see, any situation in an entirely different light
  • Mapping Across — A technique for releasing a food craving in just a few minutes! (Also works with limiting beliefs!)
  • Swish Pattern — A technique for changing any unwanted behavior
  • ​Strategies — Understand how & why you do what you do, and how you can alter it
  • Parts Integration — A technique to resolve the deepest inner conflicts


What The Training Includes:

  • 20 Content Modules — This is where you learn all the juicy tools & techniques of NLP!
  • Tasks & Specific Action Steps — so you know exactly what to practice each week!
  • ​​Worksheets & Scripts — everything you need to achieve incredible transformation for yourself and others!
  • Access to an Exclusive Facebook Community — where you get support & accountability from fellow and alumni students & where we personally answer your questions!
  • Certification — become a certified Empowered Practitioner of NLP

*Certification is not included at this special offer price, but can be obtained for an additional investment.

**All requirements must be met prior to receiving certification, including submission of videos & a final exam.

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Learn the tools & techniques that the top 2% of the coaching & personal development industry uses! 
What some of our students have to say...

"It’s impossible to sum up the impact that Kip and Marina have had and continue to have on my life and that of so many others. Two days after meeting them they got rid of my life-threatening allergies which had been affecting me for 20 years, in just twenty minutes!

After that life-changing experience, I took their NLP practitioner course. It was truly one of the greatest courses I’ve taken. Their attention to detail, passion and knowledge in the subject, as well as their heart-felt commitment to being of service, allowed them to put together a powerful and fascinating course chock-full of value! Their love for each other and other people makes them a true inspiration.

Being a personal development junkie, I have taken tons of courses and met countless teachers/trainers/coaches. I can honestly say that it’s rare to encounter such authentic and loving coaches, who truly walk their talk."

MELISSA ACUNA-DENGO | Inner Transformational Coach, Reiki Master & Speaker

"I appreciate all of the time and effort you put into the NLP training course you prepared and taught. There were other NLP training options, but I am thrilled I chose your program. Not only did you have a thorough knowledge of the material, but you were able to take a tremendous amount of information and break it down into very succinct and meaningful lessons. It was very apparent to me that you have a very deep understanding of the material yourself. 

I also wanted to thank you for working with me on one of the coaching sessions following my Intensive Release Session. You were able to quickly understand the challenges I faced and helped me identify solutions to move beyond them.   

As always, it is a pleasure working with you!"

KAREN PETERSON | Poised Trading Coaching

I have learned a lot from Kip Brooks and Marina Brooks. Such a powerful couple. They will help you get to that next step in your life or business. Kip and Marina I appreciate you so much. Thank you for giving me the tools to grow."

O.J. ROUNCE | The Intimate Chef/Hypnotherapist 

"You MUST get to know these two! I feel more empowered by just hearing them teach, I am seeing immediate results! I know you will feel and experience the same, the tools and understanding are truly EMPOWERING! 
Experience True EMPOWERMENT like I am! Thank you Kip & Marina!"

PATRICK WILLIAMS | Serial Entrepreneur 

The Trainers:

Kip & Marina Brooks

Kip and Marina are co-founders of Brooks Empowerment Academy Inc. They are trained and certified as Trainers and Master Practitioners of N.L.P., and hold certificates in Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy®/Mental and Emotional Release® Technique, Neuroscience, and E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique.)

They are coaches, speakers and authors, as well as parents to three awesome boys, and on date-night you can find them on a dance floor where Marina dances and Kip… well we’re not quite sure what to call what Kip does.

While they still coach clients privately they are also passionate about teaching the masses the skills and techniques they’ve learned to completely transform their own lives, and help impact and transform the lives of their clients and students as well. 

They have helped clients release P.T.S.D., phobias, anxiety, depression, vertigo, epilepsy, and so much more, even anaphylactic allergies, and are now excited to share their knowledge and expertise in their trainings and courses.

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